Bituminous Concrete Coating

Bitumen Coating for Concrete

Bitumen sounds super scientific but we typically know them as asphalt. However, other than covering our roads, bitumen is also widely used as a material for waterproofing.

What makes bituminous paints highly effective as a sealant or to prevent water ingress is the fact that they’re naturally insoluble in water. This makes them a particularly effective type of barrier coating (coatings that are designed to prevent corrosion by repelling the elements that could cause corrosion which in this case is water) by preventing moisture from making direct contact with the substrate. Bituminous paints also typically have strong adhesion properties with almost any material thereby increasing their versatility.

As they come in liquid form, bituminous paints can be applied just as easily as the common house paint. Depending on the shape and size of the surface, you can use typical rollers, brushes or sprayers as you see fit. It should be noted however that bituminous paints do contain solvent so VOC emissions, while not excessive, still exists so the typical safety precautions apply. Don’t apply them in a tight, enclosed space unless you’re wearing a mask.

How We Help

Bituminous coatings are used to form a flexible and vapor proof protective coating on concrete structures. Conchem Technical Services provides clients with ideal solutions based on specific industrial and commercial needs. The combination of polymer grade and fiber aid in influencing its flexible, water-resistance and vapor-proof qualities.

Almost every bituminous coating is ready to use, chemical and UV-resistant and solvent-free, enabling it to act as a reliable protective coating against both corrosion and wear and tear. Bituminous coatings work impressively on surfaces that require waterproofing, such as those in direct contact with fluids seeping through. To know more about our bituminous coating service, contact us today to receive a free quote against your specific bituminous concrete coating needs.