Self-Levelling Floor Screed

Self Levelling Screed

Epoxy self levelling screed is commonly used for levelling of pour substrates to achieve finer tolerance for the installation of tiles, carpets etc. It can also be used as a flooring finish in itself due to its strength and resistance to abrasion. It can be applied over concrete or screed. The installation thickness may vary however, there are solutions that range from 0mm up to 40mm in one application. Most self levelling floor screed are fast drying and depending on the product, the surface can be walked on between 3-24 hours after it has been applied.

Epoxy self levelling floor screed are also used as a finishing product on top of hard concrete base to provide it with extra durability and an enhanced finish. At Conchem Technical Services, we specialize in using self levelling screed to create an even finish on un-even sub-floors and concrete structures. Our team is comfortable working with all types of screeds including traditional epoxy, polyurethane screeds, and calcium sulfate pumpable self-smoothing screeds.

The self levelling screed we offer, provide customers with rapid return-to-service and finishing options for high quality, reliable industrial flooring that meets all requirements. For information about our service or to receive a customized quote, get in touch with our team today!

Properties of Self Levelling Screed

Epoxy self levelling screed are the ideal choice if you want to create a perfectly flat and level concrete surface. It is commonly used for underlayment for floor finishes to be wearing screeds for industrial areas and as renovation screeds for fast track refurbishments.


Based on the type of self levelling floor screed used, you will be able to walk on it after 2-3 hours due to its fast-drying properties. While it’s possible to walk on it after this time, it can a day or more to completely dry out.

Speedy Application

It is extremely easy to mix and apply epoxy self levelling screed as it’s based on a pumpable system. This results in larger areas being completed in much faster times than traditional sand and cement screed.

Rapid Hardening

While cement and sand screed can take up to 3 to 7 days to harden, self-levelling screed due to its rapid early strengthening properties can withstand light vehicular traffic after 48 hours.


Due to its light-weight nature, self levelling floor screed can be used for high performance floating, bonded, and unbonded screeds without overloading existing floor slabs. They are suited for large commercial projects.