Concrete Floor and Wall Painting Consultant

Painting Service

At Conchem Technical Services, we provide a complete floor and concrete wall painting service which includes the preparation and coating of the surface area. With any given project, our trained and experienced group of concrete painting consultant team in Dubai not only focus on sealing and protecting your floor and walls, but we also aim to beautify your place and guarantee its aesthetic durability. Whether it’s decorative finishes in retail environments or warehouse floor paint, we deliver fast, precise, and flawlessly applied concrete wall painting to get results that are sleek, long lasting, and durable.

The concrete wall paints that we use are solvent free and offers a quick drying, chemically resistant, matt satin, or glass finish that is suited to heavy traffic and provides protection to the concrete floors. From consultation to execution, our team of concrete painting consultants shall be with you every step of the way to ensure that the finished project exceeds your expectation. For more details about our concrete painting service in Dubai, get in touch with our team today!

Benefits of Decorative Concrete Coatings

Decorative type of concrete coatings are popular choice among both residential and commercial space owners. Not only do such coatings provide the concrete surface with a contemporary look and feel, but it also helps in making the surface long-lasting and secure. At Conchem Technical Service, we see to it that every demand is thoroughly fulfilled; from creating thin stamped overlays, splatter textures or knockdown finishes to a trowel down slate and acidic stained concrete finishes.

Easy to Clean

Decorative concrete coatings do not usually require any additional polishing or coating. Irrespective of the nature of the stain, we can easily wash it off and help you remain stress-free.

Stylish Finish

Decorative concrete can be beautified by a variety of different methods ranging from metallic glass finish, slip-resistant coating or natural stone finish. We are a reputed painting consultant who can customize and provide your floor with a smooth stylish finish in Dubai.


Decorative concrete coatings help in enhancing the strength of concrete floors and make it an extremely durable option for long term use. Additionally, such concrete wall painting helps to delay the deterioration process and makes it extremely resistant to aging.