Commercial Floor Coating and Floor Screeds

Commercial Floor Coating and Floor Screeds

If you are on the lookout for a flooring solution that will cope with the most demanding flooring situation that is durable and easy to use, then concrete floor coating may be the ideal solution. Epoxy flooring is suitable for heavy-duty industrial areas, commercial buildings, and even at home. Conchem Technical Services is specialized in the application of commercial floor coatings and floor screed in Dubai. We take pride in our applicators, who are highly experienced and trained by professional manufacturers. As one of the most trusted floor screeding contractor, we thrive on delivering a service designed for minimum downtime and quick application. It ensures your desired floor finish is completed at a faster rate with no compromise on the quality.

Our Service Inclusions

Epoxy Coating

If you seek to transform a simple concrete floor into a smooth, finished surface with higher resistance to water and easy maintenance, our epoxy coating service is ideal for you.

Solvent Based Epoxy Coating

teOur industrial-grade solvent-based epoxy is long-lasting and durable. These qualities make it the perfect solution for garage floors as well as spaces that sustain oils and liquids regularly.xt

Solvent Free Epoxy Coating

Our solvent-free epoxy coating is high on performance and durability used at the final stage of the floor coating process. It's suitable for any floor thickness and offers a high level of protection from chemicals, scratches, and impacts.

Water Based Epoxy Coating

Give additional durability and smoothness to your floor with our water-based epoxy coating service. With exemplary penetrating properties consolidating the concrete substrate, water-cased epoxy coating is one of our most popular services for ease and finish.

Polyurethane Coating

Widely used in industrial areas, polyurethane coating is abrasion-resistant, chemical-resistant, ultra-smooth, and durable. The coating offers up to four times longer life than uncoated epoxy floors.

Acrylic Coating

We offer acrylic coatings applicable in organic solvent and water bases, along with powder or radiation-curable formulations. For architectural or decorative finishes, the acrylic coats have high color retention properties, especially in outdoor conditions.

Polyurea Floor Coating

Our carefully prepared material quickly bonds with the concrete, thereby providing a smooth and impermeable surface that protects the floor from sudden and intense impacts, water damages, and sunlight.

Cementitious Screed

Creating some of the strongest screed layers possible, semi-dry cementitious screeds are a simple yet effective screed option for flooring. It is applied as a leveling screed to prevent falls to the drainage system.

Epoxy Screed

Ideal for industrial use and as a heavy-duty flooring option, our epoxy screed is hard and has brilliant mechanical properties, including resistance to wear-tear and harmful chemicals. Our service in this area is designed, keeping in mind heavy-duty flooring for industrial floors.

Polyurethane Screed

Our antimicrobial polyurethane flooring service is designed with the necessities and requirements of food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and

Epoxy Self Leveling Screed

Our self-leveling products focus on making your floor smooth and leveled for a sturdy rougher orange-peel texture. It is ideal for industries that need a smooth and seamless surface to facilitate the movement of heavy loads continuously.

Polyurethane Self Leveling Screed

Widely used as a primer for epoxy floor coatings, these repair cracks or fill joints in horizontal concrete surfaces. They are a one-component sealant that forms a flexible joining with excellent adhesion.

Methyl Methacrylate Screed

The rapid installation process, unrivaled bind strength, and the ease of installation in extreme temperature make methyl methacrylate screed, or MMA as it is commonly known, a top choice of flooring.

More About Our Floor Coating Service

  • We have the experience, team, and expertise to cater to all your flooring and screeding needs.
  • Our equipment is world-class and promises superior quality at all times.
  • We know our deadlines. We work in an organized manner, ensuring project completion within the set timeframe and budget.
  • Despite the quality and the durability that we offer, our prices are reasonable and can be tailored to your budget.
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  • We offer matchless results that will surpass your expectations.
  • No hidden costs.